"Together Aspire, Together Achieve" 

"In God We Trust"


We are proud to announce that our class of 2020 achieved 100% pass rate.

65 out of 72 learners achieved bachelors.

A symbols: 59

B symbols: 127

Top performers of 2020:

  • Munashe Kasinauyo
  • Muano Makumbane
  • Juliet Mokgadi Monare
  • Tumelo Maphaba
  • Channell Maphanga

Mission Statement:

The missions of Balmoral College is to educate and equip all learners for success.  

  • Mutual respect.
  • Dignity.
  • Accountability, responsibility and trust.
  • Co-operation, participation and teamwork.
  • Honor and integrity.
  • Pride in our school, its ethos and its environment.

School Vision:

Our vision statement is to create an environment and atmosphere to which learners will want to come and be educated through excellence.

  • Believe 
  • Achievement 
  • Learn
  • Moral 
  • Optimism
  • Reach 
  • Accountable 
  • Leadership 

School history, development and status:

  • The school was started 21 years ago, with 200 learners and has grown to 1582 learners today. Most from an underprivileged background. Balmoral College is a Primary and Secondary school.
  • We are proud of 100% pass rate over the past 18 years and strive for academic excellence.
  • We are currently one of the 10 schools in our district and have dedicated teachers. We pride ourselves in the education and development we give to our learners. We comply with the Gauteng Department of Education syllabus and curriculum.